About us

Formed in Dec 2010, Team AirNergy is a sport kite performance team from Singapore. We fly Revolution quad-line kites  (Revs for short) predominantly, as well as single and dual-line sport kites. A quad-line kite has left and right forward/reverse controls that enables a wide range of movements from forward fly, reverse, hovers in any orientation as well as any combination of movements.

Kite ballet is the flying of dual or quad-line kites with a set of synchronized movements to music. For the uninitiated, this is akin to a dance or ballet performance where the the “dancers” on the stage are now the kites in the sky. It is the kites, and not us that are doing the dancing to the music! :Þ. Check out Our Videos page!

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We have performed at festivals at various countries in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Members of the team have also attended festivals in other parts of the world like Houlgate in France and Berkeley Kite Festival in USA. In the course of our flying, we have met up and flown with friends from around the world like Team iQuad (USA), Scott Weider of Team Rev Riders (USA), Lam Hoac (Canada), Team air-rex (Japan), Team 8+ (Taiwan), Stephen Hoath of The Flying Squad (UK) and many others.

The current team comprises of 4 members from left to right, in positions 1-4: Chua Lin (blue kite), Peter Teo (purple kite), Zulkifli Mohamed (Red kite) and Adenan Haron (Lime kite).

Early on, we draw influences from Team iQuad (USA), who is one of the flag-bearers for Revolution kites in recent years and has helped us, as well as many other teams worldwide into starting quad-line team flying. We spent our first year of flying using techniques and modular figures from iQuad to practise control and team precision.

Natural progression through practices and attending kite festivals in Southeast Asia exposed us to many different influences, wind conditions and interactions with other Rev pilots. We also studied performances of many other teams in Europe and Asia for different ideas.

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