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5 comments on “Contact us

  1. Hi.. would it b nice if ur team or association can organize a mass kite flying at one of the designated kite flying areas such as marina barrage on this sunday in conjunction to the state funeral of our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It would be nice if all the kites are drawn or designed with his pictures or portraits in uniform, flying high in our skies. I don’t play kites but feel dat its would be a very nice gesture

    • Hi sun,
      we welcome your thoughts and suggestion. The Singapore kite association has already taken this consideration and seeing if it will work. Whether there is an organized event or not, I’m sure kite fliers in the local community; and every Singaporean alike; will carry the thoughts of Mr Lee throughout this period.

      • There will be a informal event organized by local kite fliers at the Marina Barrage at 3pm this Saturday to honor the passing of Mr Lee. 91 white paper kites will be provided where you can pen your thoughts in memory of the great man. You are welcomed to join this event. Feel free to spread the word.

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